Watercolor III - Florals

Learn to paint and perfect your watercolor work

In our first two watercolor courses, you learned how to experiment with and discover the properties of your paints, basic techniques such as wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry painting, how to combine colors into a color wheel to further explore your chosen paints, and how to use those color combinations to mix your own custom paints and inks.

Watercolor III will build on those foundations and bring you into the realm of creating floral and leaf shapes! The first part of the course will be devoted to studies of the anatomy of a flower and learning different centers and petal shapes as well as basic composition. Firm grounding in the formation and foundations of actual florals is integral to creating your own interpretation that is still recognizable as a flower to your audience. We will be learning how to take actual flower anatomical parts and combine them together creating a stylized version. The ultimate goal of this course, explored in the latter half of the course, is to help you create non-photorealistic floral and leaf artwork of your own.

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Victoria Rothwell
Victoria Rothwell

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